On Demand Services

Navigating the financial landscape of a business can be complex and time-consuming. At Accounting District, we understand that your focus should be on running your business, not managing books. That’s why we offer comprehensive, on-demand services tailored services.

Our Expertise

01. Catch up and clean up services

These services can be particularly useful for businesses that have fallen behind on their financial record-keeping or who have inconsistencies or errors in their financial records that need to be resolved.

02. Special Engagement

In-depth financial analysis including analyzing cost structures, cash flow, profitability, or other aspects of the business’s financial health. Set up a software like QuickBooks or XERO. We will also assist with setting up charts of accounts.

03. Process Improvement

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s bookkeeping processes. It may include recommendations for new software or technologies, as well as new procedures or practices.

Our Services

Catch Up Services

These services are designed to help businesses that have fallen behind in their bookkeeping tasks. Accountants or bookkeepers will review financial transactions, reconcile bank and credit card accounts, adjust journal entries, and prepare financial statements. This can also involve:

  • Sorting and organizing receipts, invoices, and other documents
  • Entering past transactions into an accounting system
  • Balancing books to match bank statements

Clean Up Services

These services are intended to “clean” the books of any errors or inconsistencies, and to streamline and optimize financial systems for future use. This often includes:

  • Reviewing and correcting classification of expenses and income
  • Identifying and rectifying any double entries or discrepancies
  • Correcting errors in payroll, or other specific accounting areas
  • Streamlining and improving bookkeeping processes for efficiency
  • Ensuring compliance with the relevant accounting standards

Setting Up Chart Of Accounts

We believe that every business is unique and deserves a custom-tailored approach to its financial organization. We create an individualized COA that caters to your business’s specific financial tracking needs, providing you with clear, organized, and relevant financial information.

  • COA Review and Restructuring: Do you have an existing COA that isn’t serving your needs effectively? Our team of experts can review and restructure your current COA to ensure it aligns with your business’s evolving needs and goals.
  • COA Integration: We don’t just set up your COA, we integrate it into your preferred accounting software, ensuring that your financial tracking is as seamless and efficient as possible.

Review Of Existing Reconciliation

Maintaining a clear, accurate financial picture is a critical aspect of running a successful business. At Accounting District, we specialize in reviewing and refining existing reconciliation processes, ensuring you have the most precise, timely, and reliable financial information at your fingertips.

  • Reconciliation Review and Analysis: Our expert team meticulously reviews your existing reconciliation processes to identify any inconsistencies, errors, or areas for improvement.
  • Reconciliation Improvement: Once we have identified potential improvements, we work with you to implement changes that will enhance the accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness of your reconciliation process.
  • Training and Support: We believe in empowering businesses to handle their finances with confidence. That’s why we offer training and ongoing support, ensuring your team knows how to perform effective, reliable reconciliations.


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